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  • IIXh. Theological Education: HIV/AIDS and Other Challenges
    Even long before the scourge of HIV/AIDS, dare I say that creating new theological thinking is long overdue? For so long, many churches in Africa have been living with imported theology, which does not speak to the fears and hopes of the people? "I am here begging for a theology that will help us ask critical questions about our inactivity or wrongdoing; a theology that will help the child, youth, woman and man in the pew and streets to cultivate a dialogue that will lead to life-giving action in the midst of suffering, misery and death?
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  • Gender and Theology in Africa today - Mercy Amba Oduyoye
    My experience of gender as it functions in theology on the African continent is located in my intentional involvement with African women in theology dating back to the mid seventies and to the first conference of African Women theologians organized in 1980 by Daisy Obi, then director of the Institute of Church and Society of the Christian Council of Nigeria, Isabel Johnson, then secretary for women's department of the All African Conference of Churches and myself then on the faculty of the Religious studies department of the University of Ibadan.
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