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Academic books
Coming soon Hear Our Cry: African Women, HIV/AIDS and Faith Communities, Edited by Isabel Apawo Phiri, Beverley Haddad and Madipoane Masenya, Pietermaritzburg: Cluster Publications.

Five other academic books are in the process of being prepared for publication in 2003. The books are based on papers, which were presented at the Circle's Pan African conference in Addis Ababa in August 2002. The above title has been sent to the publishers already and it is expected that the other books will be ready for publication soon. Watch this space for further information in the next edition of the newsletter.

AMKA publication
The Circle will continue to publish AMKA (Swahili word for Arise). Three AMKAs will be published in 2003 from the Addis Ababa conference papers, which were not included in the academic books. One of the AMKAs will be in Portuguese edited by Felicidade Cherinde and Victoria Pereira.

Circle Newsletter
The Circle will continue to produce a Newsletter, which will be circulated in April and October each year. The newsletter will be translated into French and Portuguese. It will be circulated to all registered members of the Circle and partners of the Circle. Helene Yinda will be the editor of the Circle Newsletter. Please send your contributions to Helene or to Isabel as soon as possible.

Circle Directory
An updated Circle directory will be circulated once each year in July. The constant updating of the directory is important because it offers the opportunity to add new members and to keep up with new addresses for the members. The Circle data form is on the Circle Website. The first updated directory will be circulated in July 2003. If you have changed your address please let us know as soon as possible.

The Circle Editor's workshop in Legon, Accra, Ghana, 1-5 Dec 2002.
Standing: Philomena Mwaura, Madipoane Masenya, Hazel Ayanga, Dorcas Akintunde & Helene Yinda
Sitting: Anne Kubai, Isabel Phiri, Felicidade Cherinda, Bernedette Mbuy Beya & Mercy Oduyoye.

Circle Profile Publication
Tell us something about yourselves. The Circle would like to publish a profile of Circle members, which will include a photo and a five line CV about each Circle member. This publication is necessary for conference, consultations, workshop, seminar organisers or possible employers. This will help to expose more Circle members to the world of conferences and it is hoped that the few prominent ones will not be overburdened with invitations as speakers at conferences, consultations, workshops and seminars. First publication will come out in 2004. Please send to the coordinator your recent coloured photograph and a brief CV as soon as possible.

Annotated Bibliography
The Circle is planning to publish an annotated Bibliography of the publications of Circle members. This publication will be very useful for theological institutions that want to use Circle publications in their teaching. First publication will come out in 2004. Please send to the coordinator a short paragraph of each of all your publications, describing what it is about and which discipline can use your article.

Essays in Honour of Mercy Oduyoye
The Circle has continued with the vision of publishing a book in honour of Mercy Oduyoye as the founder of the Circle. Watch this space for a call for papers for Mercy's book in the October 2003 Circle newsletter. The theme of the book will be: 'Women and Health in Africa'. This book will be published in 2004.

Circle Website
In March 2003 the hosting and updating of the Circle website was transferred from Geneva, Switzerland to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. The Circle website address is The new host is The Blue Box Corporate Solutions based in Pietermaritzburg. The process of changing the host and updating it has taken much longer than anticipated. Please accept our apologies!

Please send Isabel the cover of your book/s (either by e-mail or by post) so that it can be placed on the on the Circle website.

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