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Women, Religion and HIV/AIDS in Africa

© Teresia M. Hinga, Anne Nkirote Kubai, Philomena Mwaura & Hazel Ayanga 2008

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Each contribution to this volume has added a valued and unique perspective of analysis to the AIDS crisis and its implications for the women of Africa. All the authors agree that the HIV/AIDS crisis is urgent, complex and life threatening to women.

Each goes beyond the biological and epidemiological dimensions of the disease to name the scandal of stigma as a major factor in the ethical challenge posed by HIV/ AIDS.They dig deep into the religio-cultural worldviews that shape our understandings
of the world in which we live, thus exposing some of the deadly cultural, theological and scriptural roots of attitudes and practices that have compounded the crisis of HIV/AIDS in Africa, ultimately robbing millions of women of their dignity and lives.

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